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iSection: Structural Properties


For all structural engineers, steel designers, mechanical engineers: This engineering application for the iPhone or the iPod Touch calculates the mechanical and structural properties of three-plate built up section members. That includes moment of inertia, modulus of section, radius of gyration, area and weight. The calculations are done in both principal axes.

This program is particularly useful for analysis and design of indeterminate structures and for calculating actual and allowable (permissible) stresses.

The input is top flange width, top flange thickness, bottom flange width, bottom flange thickness, web depth and web thickness. The top flange and bottom flange dimensions can vary.

The input can be in mm or inch units, the output of area, Ixx, Sxx, Sxt, Sxb, Iyy, Iyt, Iyb, Syy rx, ry, rt, rb, Syt, Syb, depth and neutral axis can be displayed in mm or inch units. The weight can be displayed in kg/m or Lb/ft.

How to Use


Tap the blue text representing either top flange width, ticknes, web or bottom flange. The keyboard will appear allowing you to change the input values.

Notice that the calculated values change instantly as you type the new input values. Tap the results area to dismiss the keyboard and see the full calculated values.

Change the input data or output data between milimeters and inches and you will notice the calculated data change instantly.

The next time you restart the application, it will show the last data used in the previous session.

Change Log


V 1.02: (coming soon)

 -Initial "Touch To Begin" Screen has been removed. The application screen directly appears after launching with updated values from the last run.

- Keyboard dismiss key has been removed. Touch the results to dismiss the keyboard.

- The drawing of the section adjusts with the relative dimensions of flanges and web showing a more realistic view of the section.

- Internal enhancements to reduce memory and speed up launching.


V 1.01

Initial Release



This program is a tool to help the design engineer in determining the sizes of structural members. Although extreme care has been taking in writing, debugging and verifying this program, the user of this program is expected to have the required knowledge, experience and authorization to specify sizes of members in a structural design. AHMJ Software and any one affiliated or connected to it shall not, in any event or circumstance, take any reponsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this program.