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iConcrete: Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams


For all structural engineers and reinforced concrete designers: This engineering application for the iPhone or the iPod Touch calculates the dimensions and area steel reinforcement for rectangular and Tee beams (T-Beams) of reinforced concrete members. That includes single and double reinforced beams.

The program calculates the strength of singly reinforced and  doubly reinforced T and Rectangular concrete beams. It calculates positive moment, negative moment and shear. Based on given positive and negative moments the program calculates the balanced depth and balanced area of steel reinforcement.  It also calculates the weight of concrete and steel and the total weight of the section.

The program is based on ACI 318. Eurocode, French code and Egyptian code will be added in  future revisions. The balanced section and reinforcement and the strength is calculated in two methods: Working Stress Design (WSD) and Ultimate Strength Design (USD) which is also called Limit State Design (LSD) or Strength Design Method (SDM).

The input is beam width, beam depth, areas of tension reinforcement and compression reinforcement, steel yield strength, concrete ultimate strength, size and spacing of sterrups, and for the T-Beam, width and depth of flange slab. to find the balanced section dimensions, you need to input the positive and negative moments and to find the strength you need to input the depth and areas of steel. The modular ratio (N)  for working stress design can be input or calculated.

The input can be in mm or inch units, the output is in mm or inch units. The weight can be displayed in kg/m or Lb/ft and the moments and shears are in kN, Lb, kN.m and Lb.ft. The input data can also be converted between the two unit systems.



This program is a tool to help the design engineer in determining the sizes of structural members. Although extreme care has been taking in writing, debugging and verifying this program, the user of this program is expected to have the required knowledge, experience and authorization to specify sizes of members in a structural design. AHMJ Software and any one affiliated or connected to it shall not, in any event or circumstance, take any reponsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this program.